Hive task is not visible

One reason could be the first movement date for the hive. The system uses thsi date to make the connection between beehive and apiary. If you create a task before this first date it will not show in the task tables, as there is no connection between task and apiary. To fix this problem you could change the first movement date for the hive in question inside the movement table to an earlier date.

My feeding method (or other methods) are not in the system

Our system is build to maximize individual settings. You can define your own types in the options. The standard types after account creation are only meant as basic template.

Speak recognition is not working

Our speak recognition is very basic and only works with google chrome oder microsoft edge browser, as it uses a google internet service. The speak recognition is only active if you click on the button, a ongoing listening is at the moment not possible for us.

Premium membership

On membership you can buy or extend your premium membership. If you buy premium access your account gets 365 days of premium added. If you already got premium time the new bought premium will be added to your currently running premium days. If you run out of premium credit time you can still use the application, but you cannot use the premium features. This way we hope to give you a fair system without monthly or yearly automatic payment and you keep the full control when you want to pay.

Is there a offline version?

No, b.tree only works with a internet connection. There is no offline version planned so far.

Where is my data saved and can I save it local?

The server location is in Germany and all data is saved in an online storage database. Backups are saved in the same location on another server and the data saving follows the GDPR rules. You cannot choose to use your local machine as alternative, but you can download a full database backup Options->Profil. The same things apply for premium users which use the filemanager, but the data is not saved inside the database but on an online storage device.

How do I delete my account and remove all data?

On the Options->Profil page you find a button to delete your account. But be careful there is no way to restore your account. All saved data will be lost and if you did write something in the forum all personal data will be deleted. In the main database backup the data will be removed after 3 months (auto deletion of backups older than 3 months). Possible invoices or mail conservations with *@btree.at will be deleted after 7 years.

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