Queen Management


In this table, you have to keep track of your queens. Every queen needs a hive, so you must first create a beehive.


  • Birth -> Hatchdate of the new queen, mark color automatic change to the right one.
  • Name -> Name of the queen.
  • Mark Colour -> Depending on the year of birth, but it can also be changed manually.
  • Insert Date -> Date since when is the queen in the hive.
  • Hive -> In which hive the queen are.
  • Race -> Which race or breeding line she is, this can be changed in the options. (F1, Carnica etc.)
  • Mating Place -> At which mating point she was mated, may be changed in the options.
  • Mother -> Own (Dropdown of your queens) / External Name of Mother can be entered
  • Note -> Other Information

To create new queens you can simple create it in this table. Another option is to create the queens in the hive table with the button Quick Queen, here it will quickly add queens to all selected hives. This button is also available in the hive detail view and hive table. If you click in show inactive on the main Queen Table, there will be shown all inactive and older Queens.


Same as the queen table but meant for queens without production hives (eg. mating boxes). Here is another field with amount, which defines how many queens you want to create in one go with the same settings. Queen name will be numbered automatically.

Queen Series

Here a series can be created. Is a series created it is displayed on the main page in the calendar. This makes it possible to have a very good overview of the next steps you must be set so that the series is successful.


  • Type -> Selection of the breeding method, this can be adjusted under rearing methods.
  • Larvae -> Number of larvae used.
  • Hatch -> Number of hatched queens.
  • Note -> Other Information
  • Date -> Startdate and hour.
  • from Step -> Let you start from any step in this method.

Breeding Method

You can create your own rearing method. Where you can add your Individual steps.

In the Steps List you can remove steps and move the steps by drag & drop.

This means that every beekeeper can use its own breeding method easily without using a pre-made template.