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Limited Hives (3)
Limited Apiaries (3)
Apiary Map with standard map
1.000 Hives!
100 Apiaries!
Access to API and ICAL
Apiary Map with satellite and weather overlay
Responsive Statistics!

As PREMIUM Member you support me to keep the database and homepage running. There are more features and functions already planned and I will try to improve the old ones. I want to say thanks to all user and hope you like my beekeeping software.

I manage this homepage in my free time beneath my job and beekeeping and other hobbys. I know there is still a lot of work to be done, but i will give my best! <

All kind of feedback are more than welcome! With best greetings!

Hannes Oberreiter, Hobby Organic Beekeeper & Hobby Programmer

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  1. If you were premium before you still can use all of your hives and apiaries! But you cannot add new ones.